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Back Tension

back-tension-647pic1.jpgUsing Back Tension Releases can help your technique and you may find that by using a Back Tension Bow Release your shot will improve over time. Take a look around our inventory of Archery Back Tension Releases to find the perfect release.

  • 850001576161

    B3 Archery Infinity Back Tension - Stainless Steel

    OUR MOST INNOVATIVE BACK-TENSION RELEASE. The Infinity is the newest addition to our Constrictor line, and offers the patent-pending micro-adjustable moon system for quick travel adjustment. It also features an adjustable handle design that allows a...
    MSRP: $239.99
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  • Carter Honey 2 - 3 Finger Release Carter Honey 2 - 3 Finger Release

    Carter Honey 2 - 3 Finger

    The Honey 2 allows you to switch between how you want to manipulate the safety by turning a set screw. If you want to hold in and have the safety push itself out like on the Honey- Do, then adjust the set screw in the safety in for more tension on the...
    MSRP: $235.99
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